(Last Updated On: June 1, 2018)

Finding the right curling defining product is important in achieving the spellbinding look you want. Curling defining products will make your curls smoother, without any frizz, uniform, voluminous and well defined. Choosing the best product for your hair is essential. This will require you to identify your hair type and desired hairstyle. Following the simple recommendations in this article, you’ll be able to choose the appropriate product to get pretty natural curls.
Well Defined Pretty Curls? Rule Number 1: MOISTURE!
Hair definers are great for dry hair. In principle, magnificent looking curls require you to have a healthy body of hair. In order to achieve this, moisture is key. Most hair definers are filled with moisture-locking ingredients, which also help your hair improve and maintain it’s overall health. The health of your hair is very important, as it is reflective of its appearance. Dry hair oftentimes creates unwanted frizz in your hair. Curl-definers are generally quite effective in reversing those effects, but some do it better than others. In the case that you have normal to dry hair, we recommend the MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream, to give your hair that extra moisture it needs. If you have dry hair, this will be especially useful for you. This is generally the case for people who have dyed their hair, or have used excessively used heated tools on their hair. The MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream is a professional product made to give that salon hair quality.

For a lower-end product, choose the MOP C-System Curl Defining Cream.

Gel For Long-Lasting Curls
Best for: disobedient hair with a tendency to fall flat quickly
As gravity preys upon your hairstyle, curl definers come to your rescue. It is oftentimes the case that people spend a great deal of time curling their hair but only to then find them falling apart, barely a few hours later. For hair that has a tendency fall flat way too early in the game, we recommend a curl-defining product that contains gel. Gel will get your hair to stay intact and in place for longer periods of time. Keeping in mind that rule number 1 to beautifully defined curls is moisture: finding a product that balances gel and moisture is important. Great gel curl definers have a mixture of gel and moisturizing ingredients that give curls a smoother, supple yet long lasting appearance. One should stay away from moisture-less gel curl defining products. These usually come in liquid sprays and leave your hair injudiciously sticky, frizzy and worst of all, without the moisture it needs. We recommend Deva Curl Light Defining Gel.

Formerly named anGEL, the brand is renown amongst hair stylist and is widely used in hair salons. The products give hair the moisture it needs, and just the right amount of gel to noninvasively solidify your hair in place. For a lower-end product that won’t break your budget, we recommend Dove’s Nourishing Curls Defining Gel, for a third of the price. While this is not a hair salon product, Dove brings a high quality product for the buck and that should satisfy the most casual users.

Naturally Curly? Oh-Mousse!
Best for: Naturally curly hair
Mousse is great if you are one those people with naturally curly and are looking for to give their curls a more flattering look. Mousse technology has improved dramatically in the last few years and isn’t what it once was. Mousse now performs in more subtle ways compared to its predecessor. Mousse will give your naturally curly hair a softer, more defined appearance, without any frizz. Furthermore, mousse adds texture and volume to your hair for enhanced style. For a higher-end product, choose the Kenra Volume Mousse Extra, which is a lightweight mousse that creates long-lasting defined curls, without any of the unwanted stiffness.

We also recommend Dove’s Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse, which is an amazing product for its price. Dove’s mousse is lightweight, soft, and is full of moisture locking ingredients. Its nourishing constituents help you maintain overall health of your hair, which is the most important part in one’s pursuit towards beautiful curls.

Finding the right curling defining product for natural curls is an important stage in your quest towards any desired curled hairstyle. Take a moment to imagine what your hair needs best. If you have normal to dry hair, choose a creamy curl definer. For hair that is naturally curly or that simply won’t stay in place, choose either gel or mousse definers.
If you have any questions regarding curl-defining products for natural hair, don’t hesitate to contact us, through the comment box below or by email.