(Last Updated On: July 3, 2014)

So you’re wondering what is the best curling wand brand? This question is difficult one to answer. We’ve come to love so many different brands that’s its hard to pick one and say it’s the best. Each brand has their pros and their cons. In this article, we will
explore the unique benefits of each brand and try to help you find the best brand for you.
We will be looking at each brand from different angles. We will be look for differences between them and then point them out. Here is a list of what the things we will be looking out:

  • Women using a curling wandEase of use
  • Affordability
  • Hairstyling results
  • Quality of Material
  • Appearance
  • Popularity
  • Reputation

Ease of Use:

Your hair wand has to be easy to use or else you won’t use it. Most of us are already pretty busy enough; so having a curling wand that is easy to use comes in handy.

  • The barrel needs to be quick to heat up, preferably under less than 1 minute.
  • The handle has to have a good grip.
  • The wand creates beautiful curls quickly, without having to go and set it again.

Best Brand: Bed Heads

Most wands from the brand Bed Heads are geared towards at-home use. Their products are very accessible to most people and do not require much from their user. We recommend Bed Heads products to people who are not so used to hairstyling.


We get this question all the time: what is the cheapest curling wand brand. Most brands out there do provide low-priced wands. Those who do not provide cheap wands are usually targeting hair salon users. The everyday person should stay away from those. When we speak of affordability, we’re talking about the 20$ to 35$ range, which is accessible for most people

Best Brand: Bed Head

Bed Heads always provide products that are accessible to the average user. By choosing this brand, you opting for ease of use and affordability.

Hairstyling Results:

Some curling wands are better than others at providing certain results. It’s important to mention that different wand types are made to create certain hairstyles. What we look for in this category is the brand that provides the best quality in terms of the hairstyle they create.

Best Brand: Cortex

Great hairstyle begins with quality tools and that’s what Cortex provides. The Cortex brand is a little less cheap than Bed Heads for example, but they always make sure that the extra dollars you’ll spend on their merchandises is worth it. Their products impressively create luscious hairstyles that glow in beauty. If your budget allows it and you’re looking for the best of the best, stop looking and choose Cortex.

Quality of Material

When you make the purchase of a product, you expect it to do what’s supposed to do and last long. The quality of your curling wand will have an impact on those two things. The quality of the material used to create the wand will reflect on the beauty your hair after it’s been curled. There are many different types of materials that work for curling wands, for example, tourmaline, ceramic, pearls and titanium. The trick is to find the kind that best fits your needs.

Best Brand: Remington

Remington is known for having coated their best-selling wand with a mix of two materials: pearls and ceramic. Their wands have become top-sellers on websites like Amazon and eBay for the simple reason that it’s a great quality product. It’s also important to mention that Remington products are sturdy and are made to last for years on end.


Not everyone cares about what their wands look like, but others do. For those of you who do, then you should be looking at products that you find visually pleasing, but that do not comprise quality and budget.

Best Brand: Bed Heads

Since Bed Heads is so focused into bringing accessibility to their products, most of them are decorated quite pleasingly. Their curling wands are quite colorful and have very cool-looking designs.

Popularity / Reputation

We’ve all heard the saying: what’s good for you is good for me. This category aims to provide a brand that has worked well for a great number of people and thus became popular. We know that that popularity does not mean quality. But we know that if many people are buying a product and liking it, thus making it more popular, then we know that this product is good. People benefit from the popularity of a product through the customers reviews they can then find about it online.

Best Brand: Remington

Remington’s coated crushed pearls and ceramic curling wand is the best-selling wand right now. Many people have written reviews about the product and claim that it’s a great product. Since so many people have been pleased with the curling wand, it makes it easier for people to choose it.

Conclusion — So What is the Best Curling Wand Brand?

As you can see, Bed Heads has won in many of the categories. But we want to point out that it only won so many because it appeals to the average user of curling wands and not the in-salon expert. If you think that you’d want a wand that for example, has a bit more of edge in terms of quality, you might want to get a product from a brand that is a bit more professional. Even though you won’t be using for clients and stuff, at least you’ll have a great product for yourself.
Hair is really important to most women. We know that many of them have already spent a lot of money for their hair and that they might want to reduce the price of their hair care. Like we said earlier, such women should only expect to pay between 20$ and 35$. You might be wondering what are the best curling wand brands in that price range. Here’s a list of them that we think are safe-to-buy from.

  • Bed Heads
  • Remington
  • Conair
  • Cortex
  • Nume

If you have any questions regarding the best curling wand brands, please feel free to contact us.