(Last Updated On: December 22, 2013)

Best Curling Wand for Long HairCurling long hair can be problematic, which makes finding the best curling wand for long hair really important if you want to achieve a certain hairstyle. Long hair has more weight, which can be difficult to to style without the proper equipement. Here is the top 5 best curling wands for long hair, whether you want tight curls or loose waves, these products are designed to give you a great salon finish.
When looking for a reliable product for curling hair, there are a few things to look out for. First, you want a curling iron that heats up quickly and nothing on the market does that better then ceramic irons. Curling wands that reach higher temperatures produce longer lasting styles that won’t fall out quickly, especially for longer hair. Also, you want to look for an curling wand that is designed with safety in mind. Indicator lights and protective gloves are a plus when trying to find a product that produces salon results and isn’t a safety hazard. It’s also smart to use an effective method when curling your hair, and each of the following products cater to whichever way you’re used to when styling your hair.

Top 5 Best Curling Wands for Long Hair

First, the Tstudio Ceramic curling wand, is a product from Remington, which you can pick up on Amazon for under $25. This product combines leading technology with elegant design, providing you with great quality results. The wand can quickly reach temperatures of up to 400° degrees and comes complete with a high technology, 1.5 “ barrel along with a ceramic coating which caters to those with longer hair. Whether you’re looking for thick, luscious curls or adding waves to your long hair, this product is sure to please. It has a great review on Amazon for reaching a high temperature quickly, and being very easy to use.
The next we have the White Curly Q Tapered Iron by Hot tools, is an another great product offered on Amazon. This high-end product heats quickly and comes with a heat resistant glove. Its tapered to curl in three different sizes, ranging from ¾" to 1 ¼". This product provides an ultra-smooth, frizz free surface of hair that is easy to style. It also has a separate on/off switch with a power indicator light so you don't make the mistake of thinking it’s off when it’s not. This product has received positive feedback from many people who have used it, many mentioning how quickly it heats up and how the tapered design allows for tighter curls and looser waves.
Third, If you’re looking for a reliable, effective curling wand that has a unique design, then look no further because the Rock-n-Roller by Bed Head delivers in spades. Complete with a technology of tourmaline ceramic, this wand helps create shiny curls without the frizz. The wand has a clam-free wrapping-and-go design, which prevents undesirables hair kinks. This product has a tangling free swivel cable, a heat protection glove and a handy stand to prevent burns. This product is highly-praised by reviewers for being easy to use while providing great style for those with long thick hair that usually never hold a curl.
Fourth, the Curli Pops Tourmaline Ceramic by Bed Head, which comes in a wonderful hot pink color and lets you create wonderful hair styles for your long hair while looking good doing it. This particular design of curler allows for creating loose curls at the top with tighter curls at the bottom. The tourmaline ceramic technique allows for a frizz free experience, producing that perfect, shiny style your used to seeing only at the salon. The only snag seems to be that this iron only comes with one temperature, which can limit the quality of the style depending on the thickness of your hair.
Finally, the You Curl and Big Waves by Conair, a popular brand name when dealing with many different styling products, from shavers, to blow dryers, and of course, curling irons. This combo package comes complete with 2 different barrel sizes (1.25 inches and .75 inches), tourmaline ceramic technique, and quick 30 second instant heating capabilities to produce tight curls or loose waves; perfect for those with longer hair. The package also comes with a 3 finger glove to protect against burning, and we can expect the same quality that Conair provides with their many other products. Most who reviewed this curling iron made mention to how consistent and easy it was to use, as well as the length of time their curls remained after only using it once.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you find the product that you need for your long hair. There are many different options when it comes to styling your long hair with wonderful curls and luscious, loose waves and this without breaking your bank. Completed with safety features to prevent getting burns or accidentally leaving your wand on, these curling wands are safe to use. Be sure to check them out, hoping you’ll find the best curling wand for long hair that will give you the dashing look  you want.