(Last Updated On: July 1, 2014)

Many people wonder what is the best curling wand size for them. The answer to that depends on the kind of hair that you have (thin/coarse), hair length (long or short) and then obviously, what your hairstyle is.

The Length of Your Hair

First, let’s take a look at hair lengths. As a rule of thumbs, we think hair that stops above the shoulders, approximately 8-10 or less in lengths, is short. Therefore, hair that is longer than 8 to 10 inches in lengths, which is usually enough to reach the shoulders, is considered to be long.

Hair Lenght ChartSize For Short Hair

Short Hair: Less than 8-10 inches (above shoulders)
Now we know that short hair requires a lot more precision in terms of styling compared to longer hair. Most of you might have already figured this out on your own but short hair is extremely hard to style with curling wands that are too big. For short hair, we recommend that you pick a hair wand that is short in length and small in thickness.
1” in thickness is usually best. The length of the rod (the heated part, from top to bottom) may not matter for some people. But since the key to beautifully styled short hair is precision, the smart ones of the bunch choose the smaller in length wand.

Size For Long Hair

Long Hair: Above 8-10 inches (over shoulders)
Long hair can sometimes be tough to handle and so usually requires tools that are heavier in duty. We recommend that you get a wand, which is thicker than 1” or more. Thicker curling wands will help you apply heat to a greater amount of hair surface area, saving you time and energy. You’ll also find that, unlike short hair, precision is not so important, so curling wands that are bigger and longer in size are generally better.

Best Curling Wand Size for Thin/Coarse Hair

The thickness of you hair is also a great indicator which wand you should pick in terms of its width (forget length just for now). Obviously, coarse hairs are usually very stubborn. So if you have thick hair, we recommend that you choose a thick rod in order to get the beautiful curls that you want. For thin hair, it’s the opposite. Women with thinner hair should not be applying as much heat on their hair when styling. Doing so would be bad for their hair health, which could ruin the appearance of their hair and potentially make styling much harder in the future. So in order to get lustrous, flawless curls, it is best for women with thin hair to pick a wand that is narrower in size.

Crazily Curled HairstyleWhat Does Your Hairstyle Say About The Size You Should Pick?

Your hairstyle should greatly determine the size you should pick. This probably the most important point in this article. Your hair is one of the most valuable fashion accessory that you possess and therefore, you should be in control of it. Just imagine the kind of curls you which to create. Ask yourself what you want from your curling wand. For example, are you looking for big dramatic curls or are looking to create small ringlet curls? If the answer is big, then go big. If you’re into smaller curls, then go small. Keeping in mind the other points of this article, conjoined with your hairstyle in mind, you should be able to pick the best curling wand size that fits what you need!
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