(Last Updated On: June 19, 2018)

Using hot rollers on short hair is quite simple and can create flattering curls. For the purpose of helping our readers, we’ve gathered a list of the best hot rollers for short hair along with a few guidelines to follow in order to make the right and styling decisions and purchase.


Minerals and Plastic
  • 8 Small
  • 6 medium
  • 6 Large
  • 6 small
  • 6 medium
  • 10 Small
  • 4 medium
  • 6 Large
Top Attributes:
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  • Wide array of sizes
  • Sturdy, long-lasting build
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  • Strong hold.
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For short hair, high temperature hot rollers will not be necessary. Shorter hair is more lightweight and does not need as much heat to stay in place.

Avoid purchasing the jumbo-size hot rollers as these will be too big for you hair length.

The rollers reviewed on this page work great for those who have short to medium length hair. If you decide to choose another product, which is not listed on this page, make sure to avoid titanium-made and jumbo-size rollers. These are made for people with longer and thicker hair and would not suit you well.

Hair Health

The health of your hair is important. The well-being of your hair reflects on the quality and beauty of your hair. In order to protect your hair from damage, use a protective spray before applying your hot rollers.

In Conclusion

As a rule of thumbs, you should be able to wrap a section of hair around the curler at least and 3 times. This will ensure that you have enough hair to hold a curl. If not, then your hair is either too short, or your curlers are too big. Keep this in mind when you decide on a style and the curlers you’ll be purchasing.

We recommend that you purchase a set of rollers that come in different sizes. This is usually the case in most sets, but you’ll notice that some offer a lot more variance (in size) than others. By using rollers of different sizes, you’ll be able to mix curls small and big curls, which will produce a more natural and interesting hairstyle. For a consistent and formal appearance, choose a set of same size curlers.

If the hairstyle you’re looking for has big, wavy curves, then opt for thicker hot curlers. The wideness of the rollers will give your hair a supple and voluminous appearance. However, this will not work if you have very short hair. In this case, you will need rollers with a smaller length in diameter, which will give you tighter, ringlet-like curls.
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