(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Thin hair has its advantages, but can sometimes be problematic nonetheless. Thin hair is at times fluffy and fragile, which can be difficult to tame. Fortunately, styling your hair with hot rollers shouldn’t be a problem if done correctly and the right rollers. In fact, thin hair is easier to style with rollers since they differ advantageously compared to thicker hair in terms of weight. Lighter hair will tend to hold in place for lengthier periods of time and with much less hair product.


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Using the guidelines listed in this article, you’ll ensure that your thin hair won’t go thin on style. We’ve listed some of the best hot curlers for your hair to help you make the right purchase.

Hair Thickness

First, let’s determine if you fall into the category of thin haired people. This is usually established overtime as a person gets to know his or her own hair. But for some, this is not so obvious. To find out, in front of a mirror, lift the hair on the side of your head and hold it out fully extended and horizontal to the floor. If you can see a lot of your scalp, then we’ll consider you have thin hair. In general, people with thick hair have darker shades of hair, but that might be the case all the time. To see hot rollers for thick hair, click here.

Our Recommendations for Thin Hair

Thin hair is particularly fragile and must be handled with care; especially when they’re being applied to heat. As a rule of thumb, you should stay away from titanium-made hot rollers. Titanium reaches and retains high levels of heat and therefore, can be very damaging to your type of hair. Instead, use rollers that are made with ceramic or tourmaline, which are a much safer and healthier alternative to titanium-made rollers.

Hair Health

To further protect your hair, use a protection spray before applying heat to your hair. This is will go a long way towards protecting and maintain the beauty of your hair. Neglecting your hair will lead to dry, weak and shine-less hair.

Hair Spray

To maintain your hairstyle after using your hot rollers, use a hold spray. As mentioned earlier, thin hair needs a lot less hair product than thicker hair. Note that you should be applying the holding spray before using your rollers. This you’re your hair come into the shape of curl and then also to maintain that shape for longer periods of time.
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