(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Product Overview

Product Name: YOU Waves
Brand: Bed Head
Model: CB1273
Shape: Tapered
Composition: Tourmaline & Ceramic
Interchangeable Barrels: Yes (2)
Width: 1″
Temperature: 400 degrees
Quick Heat: Yes
Protective glove: Yes

Key Features

The Conair YOU Waves curling wand is a flexible piece of equipment that helps even the most demanding users set the perfect long lasting curls in the shortest amount of time possible. The YOU waves comes with 2 interchangeable tapered barrels—ranging from 1-3/4” to 1” and 1-1/4” to 3/4”—which you can create a wide range of different hairstyles. Just pick your look for the day and the Conair YOU Waves curling wand makes it reality. Ideal for both short or long hair. This wand was made to give it’s user a wide range of possibilities. See more curling wands like this on this page: https://www.prettycurls.com/best-curling-wand/.

The YOU Waves curling wand features four, easily adjustable, heat settings with just the push of a button. The lower heat settings start at 310 degrees Fahrenheit, which is best for those with delicate hair. The wand’s highest heat setting is 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for those with thicker and typically more demanding (longer or ticker) hair. The wand has great heat distribution throughout the wand will ensure professional, shiny and static free results.

Quick Heat:
The Conair YOU Waves curling wand is able to reach it’s highest temperature in less than 30 seconds. Simply wrap and go!

Composition: This hair wand provides professional grade Tourmaline Ceramic technology that ensures the best heating results to make your hair smooth and frizz-free in the least possible time. The ceramic made wand will help you define your curls in any way you want and will leave you with the perfect long lasting results without the need to use other hairstyling products.

Interchangeable Barrels:
This model by Conair comes with two interchangeable barrels which are easy to remove and replace.

Protective glove:
This wand comes with a heat resistant 3-finger protective styling glove included.This heat resistance protective glove will help you avoid injuries. This will save you precious time and consideration leaving you worry free to manage the perfect look.  It can help protect you and your hair without getting in the way of your styling,covering only the areas that need protection as to not cause you any discomfort while wearing it.

Security Features:
Security precautions must be taken in order to avoid injuries and burns. The LED indicators will inform you if the curling iron is in use and in what temperature setting it currently is and a power button will ensure it is turned off even if it is still plugged in. It also incorporates a small stand so you can safely place it anywhere you want without fear of burning your counter,fabrics or sheets. A 3-finger heat resistant protective styling glove is included to enhance your protection as you style your hair.