(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

The 1” Cortex curling wand is a professionally designed curling tool that enables you to create long-lasting curls at an affordable price. Many curling wands, especially older models, leave hair limp and create curls that fall out shortly after setting. This product has a 100% tourmaline coated barrel that heats to 450F and leaves hair bouncy and shiny after styling.

100% Tourmaline Cone-Shaped Barrel

Cortex Curling Wand 1 InchThis curling wands features a 1” cone-shaped barrel; it’s this cone shape that creates natural looking curls and waves. Additionally, the barrel is made of 100% tourmaline which releases negative ions into your hair as it sets, leaving your hair healthier and shinier in the process. The barrel’s tourmaline material is very smooth does not have a clip, so it will not snag your hair as you style. This is a vast improvement from many products on the market which can break the hair during styling and cause unattractive clip marks.

Because it can produces natural looking, gorgeous curls, it’s easy to experiment with new techniques. For tight ringlets, try curling the hair tightly around the barrel and gently slide out the barrel after setting. For gentle, carefree waves, lightly loop the hair sections around the barrel and then gently finger comb after setting. With such a high-quality product, trying out different techniques is fun! Visit https://www.prettycurls.com/best-curling-wand/ to see our list of the top curling wands on the market.

The Latest in Heat Technology

This 1 inch barrel long wand is ideal for a salon professional or for the home user seeking quality results. The barrel heats to 450F and uses far-infrared technology, which ensures that the hair follicle is heated gently and efficiently. This product will not damage or dry out your hair but instead seal in your hair’s essential oils and moisture.
With traditional wand models, styling would require second or third passes on the same hair section in order to create a curl that would only last a few hours. Because its sophisticated heat technology, you will only need to curl each hair section once for a style that will last all day long, and possibly even into the next day.

This 1 inch Cortex Curling Wand is Great for All Hair Types

Whether you have straight, frizzy, wavy, or thin hair, this product will work for you and fit your lifestyle. The tourmaline technology is great for all hair types and the high heat will efficiently heat the hair follicle. The heat technology also ensures that hair is styled quickly, so curling is a breeze for both long and short hair with this product.
Because of the high heat and efficient technology, it’s possible to use this product without having to use hairspray afterwards and still have curls a day after styling. The long-lasting results make this product is much more economical than using traditional and older models.

Features and Specifications

  • Curling wand made to the highest salon standards
  • 100% tourmaline
  • The barrel is in the form of a cone
  • Equipped with with infrared technology
  • Smooth barrel design will not tangle with hair
  • Cord attached to handle with swivel for tangle-free movement
  • Ergonomic, slip-resistant handle
  • Dual-voltage & uses 25 watts
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


This 1 ” curling wand by Cortex is ideal for the beauty expert who wants high-quality results at an affordable price. The 100% tourmaline, cone-shaped barrel will create glossy, bouncy curls that last longer. Additionally, the clipless design and swiveled cord prevent hair from tangling or snagging on the product. Thus, styling with this product encourages healthy, luxurious hair. Consider this product as part of your next step in adding the latest technology to your beauty wardrobe.
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