(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing the right curling wand for your hair. The thickness of your hair is in fact of the most important factors of such a decision. Choosing the right product for you hair will save you time, effort and money.
Thick hair has a tendency to fall flat much faster than lighter hair. This is because thick hair carries on a lot more weight than thin hair. For this reason, we recommend a curling wand that is of heavier-duty.

Revlon Curl Magic for Thick HairRevlon Curl Magic 1″

The Revlon Curl Magic is a great titanium-made curling wand that works astonishingly well for the price for which it sits in. This curling wand has a black smooth barrel that leaves no kinds or frizz. Equipped with dual voltage, the wand can reach any desired temperatures in the matter of seconds. Perfect for those with thick or long hair, the Revel Curl Magic offers beautiful, natural looking curls that will be maintained in place for long periods of time.

Cortex Curling Wand for Thick HairCortex 4 in 1 Pro Interchangeable

The Cortex 4 in 1 is a salon quality curling wand comes with a set of interchangeable barrels. This higher-end product is great for those who want versatility. Its users can switch their wands barrel to then create different types of curls, varying in size and shape. The quality of their products has led Cortex has one of the leading providers of curling wands.

Curling wands for thick hair should withstand higher temperatures of heat. This is important for many reasons. First, the high temperature of a wand will more effectively set thicker hair in place. Thicker hair can sometimes be difficult to set it in place, hence why heat is needed. Second, a higher temperature curling wand will maintain your curls for much longer periods of time, so you’re style won’t fall flat too quickly.
The type of curling wand that we most recommended for thick hair is those made of titanium. This type of metal can withstand high temperature and do not snag your hair. The surface of a titanium curling wand is completely smooth and therefore very easily to manipulate with your hair.
If you have thick hair, then you’ll have already noticed that your hair falls out of place quickly if you prepare correctly.

  1. Clean your hair and condition (see co-washing)
  2. Naturally let your hair dry. It is important that you do not start using the hot rollers while your hair is wet. That will damage your hair.
  3. Apply a fixative spray.
  4. Apply a heat protection spray.
  5. Apply your hot rollers
  6. Re-apply fixative spray.
  7. Remove
  8. Style

The key element is to use fixative spray on cleaned hair before and while using the hot rollers. Using fixative once the hot rollers are off can be done, but once the styling is completed.If you have any questions or concerns, let them know in the comment box below or contact us.