(Last Updated On: April 20, 2014)

Short Curly Hair WandI wrote this article in response to a question I received after published my an article on long hair. I received a tweet from someone who wanted to know what kind of curling wand she should buy for her short hair. I’ve decided to write this article to help people find the best curling wand for short hair.
There are many curling wands on the market which are provided by quality brands, designers and beauty houses. Now, while some of you will be quick to search and find exactly what you need, others will be scratching their head, looking all over the web for a wand that will fit their hairstyle. See, for some people, it is much more difficult for them to find a curling wand that fits their needs. Most wands are created for women who have a medium to long hair. Since short hair is not as popular in women, there are less wands on the market that fit the hairstyling needs of these women.
Fortunately, its possible for women to find the best curling wand for short hair on the internet. After a lot of research, I’ve gathered a collection of a the best curling wands for short hair.  These are from my favourite brands and I’ve made sure that products on the list are in par with industry standards in prices, technology and ease of use.

Things To Look For In Your Curling Wand If You Have Short Hair

  • Short Barrel. Most of you will want to get a wand that has a shorter barrel. These will be helpful when you curl your hair. It will help you have a lot more dexterity than you would with a longer rod.
  • Thin Barrel. Also, you’ll want to get a rod that is thinner in size. You can also get curling wands that are extremely thin in radius. This is especially important for women with short hair who want their curls tight and sharp.

Curling Wands for Short Hair

  • Remington CI96W1B SILK Ceramic Slim Styling Wand, 1/2-1 Inch, Pink is a beautifully designed curling wand. This kind of curling wand is often reffered to as a baby curling wand because of it’s size. This wand is in my opinion a great choice for those who have short hair.
  • The Herstyler Baby Curl Curling Wand (purple) is a very popular wand for people with short hair. It has been been reviewed multiple times and referred to as one of the best curling wand for short hair. It has a great look and it extremely easy to use. The small size of the shaft will help you create great style, easily and effortlessly.
  • Remington CI95AC/2 Ceramic Curling Wand (1/2 Inch or 1 Inch). This one is one of our favorite here at the Curling Wand Store. This product is extremely versatile and easy to use. This wand is great for short hair because its very light and slim. It is also great for people who want to eventually grow out of their short hair. It can be used for short and long hair.

Short hair can be especially tricky when applying heat onto it. Since there are less hairs (in volume/mass) that are being put onto the heat of the wand, the hair is most likely to be damaged after repeated use. Short hair will in fact, get damaged by heat much faster when compared to longer hair. In order to keep your hair healthy until your next trip to the beauty salon, make sure to use products that will protect your hair from the heat of your wand. This can be quite simple, in fact there are many products on the Internet that offer hair to heat protection. It can be in the form of shampoos, conditioner and/or sprays. There is a very helpful product that I like to use on my clients, it’s a protective hair mask by Cortexwhich can also be used by you after you’ve used your curling wand.
Using a curling wand on short hair can be quite a tedious task without the proper skin protection tools. Since shorter hair will have you work with head much closer to your forehead and scalp, it’s very important you protect yourself from burns. I would suggest you get a protection gloves so that you can manipulate very easily. This will reduce all the messing around and will avoid burns/pain. It will also save you time, because protection gloves help you great style your hair much quicker.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment box below or by Twitter. If you are not sure which product to buy, don’t fret, I’ll help you find the best curling wand for your short hair.