(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

The innovation of the curling wands derived from the traditional curling iron. Since it’s emergence in industry, many have argue that one is superior to the other. But in fact, a debate, which is along the lines of curling wand vs. curling iron, is one that shouldn’t be had, since neither serves the same purpose. Although similar in appearance, the styles they produce are different. This article will help you establish your hair curling style and which of the two you should choose.

Curling Wand

Conair YOU Waves (CB1273)To put it simply, the curling wand is like a curling iron without the clamps. The style a curling wand produces is more natural and smoother, than the curling iron. Many associate the wand with more casual, everyday styles. It’s considerably faster than the iron and comparatively milder on the hair, which means daily use is not a hassle or too risky. Most curling wands are in the shape of a cone. The thick-end allows you to create, looser, wavier curls while the narrow-end helps you create smaller, ringlet-like curls. This is great for those who want to create different hairstyles without having to purchase another tool and then break their budget.


  • Natural looking curls for an effortless appearance.
  • Faster styling; each hair set is only a few seconds long, depending on hair thickness.
  • Generates less hair damage than the iron since hair is exposed to less heat
  • Versatile styling; the wand gives you the ability to create many different styles


  • The adjustment period; may be harder to use at first if you’re used to using an iron
  • Having to use a heat protection spray, click here for more information on the topic.
  • Having to wear a heat protection glove but take note that some do not use it at all

Curling Iron

Curling Iron CurlsThe traditional curling iron is made with clamps, which holds your hair in place while the iron is setting it into a curl. The results of the curling iron are formal and elegant. The photograph on the left shows flat and neat coils. The flatter appearance of the curls is due to the clamp, which firmly wraps the hair around the iron and thus creates a perfectly moulded curl.  Most people smoothen the mould of their curls by lightly and gently running through them with their fingers. The purpose of this is to make the curls blend in with each other, and to make the overall appearance of the hair more natural.


  • More formal, cleaner, defined curls
  • Easier to use on short hair
  • Great for special occasions


  • Highly time consuming
  • Damaging to the hair; heat protection spray may be recommended, read here.

In conclusion, whether you choose a curling wand vs. a curling iron really depends on the type of style you want. If you need something more elegant and sophisticated, choose the curling iron. If you need something that is easy going and fast, choose the curling wand.
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