(Last Updated On: May 25, 2018)

Having your hair curled to the side can give you a very edgy, modern, beautiful appearance. This hairstyle is great as it fits in the trendy and avant-guardist type, all the while, it does not stop it from being appropriate for many different occasions and settings: like holidays parties, work or nights out.
If you’re planning on doing this look by yourself, we’ve created a quick tutorial for you to follow in order to achieve salon quality hair style. We’ve also created a little photo gallery in the bottom of this post to help you choose how you’ll shape the finish look of side curls.

  1. First and foremost, we recommend you use a heat-protection spray on your hair, which you’ll probably want to apply before drying your hair. This will help you spread the liquid uniformly all over your hair. You can either spread the spray using your hairs or a wet brush.
  2. Next, you’ll want your hair to be dry before you start anything. You don’t want to apply heat (from the curlers) on wet hair. This will damage your hair very rapidly badly, so don’t do it. As most of you already know, using a hair drier is also bad for your hair, we recommend you just wait for your hair to dry naturally. If you’re on the go and you’ve used a protective spray, then go for it; use the drier.
  3. When your hair is completely dry, use clips to section strands of your hair all around your head. You’ll want at the very least 5 strands.
  4. Then pick up the strand closest to the side at which you’ll want your hair to fall on. Apply hair spray and then fold your hair around the hair curler.
    1. It’s very important that you use hair spray or any other type of product that will help your hair hold. This will maintain your hair in place once your done the whole process is over. This will prevent you from having to do it again, and re-expose your hair to the heat of the curlers.
    2. Make sure to have put in the end of your hair very closely with the hair curler. If you don’t put in the end properly, the curl will have a weird shape, which you’ll probably have to touch up and consequently take the risk of making a mess of your hair.
  5. Wait at least 15 minutes. Let the curlers do the work, just kick back and relax.
  6. When you’re ready, slowly remove the curlers individually. Don’t yank. Make sure not rush things or else you might break ruin the curls. Like my Mama always says, “Take your time, do it right.”
  7. Brush your hair with a dry brush: slowly and carefully. It’s important that you don’t over brush your hair or else your curls will lose their shape. The point of brushing your hair is that it will smoothen out the curls and give much more natural appearance.
  8. Next, push all of your hair to the side and play around them to create the desired look. You’ll notice how beautifully your curls fall onto the side with a lot of volume.
  9. When you’re done shaping your hair, use a liquid gel to make sure your hair falls. You don’t have to use much, just a little bit on your hair and slowly and carefully dab it around the mass of your hair. This will maintain your hair in shape for a longer period of time. You might want to twirl your fingers your applying the product, this will give your hair more texture and a nicer finish-look.

You’re set! As I mentioned earlier, the hair curled to the side style is very modern and trendy-looking. You’ll amaze your friends and perhaps, impress a special someone.