(Last Updated On: June 15, 2018)

Curling wands offer a wide variety of hairstyles that you can do on your own. Unlike the curling iron, the barrel of a curling wand has no clamps. The curling wand can be referred to as a clamp-less or all the same, as a clip-less curling iron. Learning how to use a curling wand is not so difficult. There are many different types of curling wands, this article will help you explore these and help you find the best for you.
In order to create curls, one must roll the hair around the barrel and hold it in place for 3-5 seconds. The result is smooth curls without frizz and clips.
The best curling wands are easy to use and are some of the best hair styling tools. The average wand heats up within 1 minute or two, which makes it great when you’re on the go. It can also be useful when you are looking to quickly spice up your look for certain events.
Note: You might want to use a heat resistant spray before applying heat onto your hair. This will create a heat-resistant barrier that will protect and provide proper nourishment for you hair. This is very important, especially for people who have dyed their hair and are therefore prone to greater hair damage.

Different tools for Differents looks

As with most things in life, in order to do successfully, you must have the right tools for it. Different curling tools can be used to achieve different hairstyles and effects.

Corkscrew CurlsCorkscrew Curls

Corkscrew curls present an interesting and fresh attitudes towards hairstyle. Corkscrew curls are very narrow in size and therefore requires a little more precision and definition than big wavy hair.
The most important part in achieving this look is in having a tool that will create narrow curls. Therefore you’ll need to use a curling wand that is small in size. The narrower the better.
Using the curling wand, grab a strand of hair and start to curl your hair tightly around the barrel. The hair should be set within 5 to 15 seconds depending on your hair type.

Crimped Hair

As produced for Lady Gaga for Glamour Magazine, crimped curls can give quite and interest look.
How To: First and foremost, you’ll need a crimping iron. Using a crimper is very simple. Simply grab a lock of your hair and starting from the top, press the hair in between the plates of the iron. Then, lower your iron and repeat until you’ve reached the bottom of the lock.

Uniform Curls

Uniform curls present an elegant and up-kept appearance. What is meant by uniform, is that the curls do not change in size throughout the whole hairstyle. To achieve the uniform look, you will need to have a curling wand with a straight barrel.

Curling Wand Techniques

To achieve certain styles, you need to use different techniques. Today we will be looking at two different techniques, with Kate Hudson and Christina Aguilera.

Effortless Look

Kate Hudson Curly Hair
First, let’s take a look at Kate Hudson’s effortless natural look. Her curls are very smooth, but all the while strong and in place. This can be achieved with a curling wand. Slowly wrap your hair from the bottom, thicker end of the curling wand going to the top end of the barrel. Do not wrap your hair too tightly or you risk getting smaller, unnatural looking curls. Then, lightly smear some hair paste or moose on your fingers and slowly rub them on the curls. This will make your hair look natural wavy and will lock in your hair in place for hours upon hours.

Elegant Look

Christina Aguilera Curly Hair
Next, lets look at Christina Aguilera’s beautiful platinum blond curls. Unlike the last example, her curls are tight and gives her a very well groomed appearance. To achieve this style, tightly wrap 4-5 inches for 3-4 seconds of your hair onto the barrel from the part of your hair that you want the curls to start, leaving them on for 3-4 seconds.  Then, grab the lower part of the the lock that isn’t curled and repeat. Do this to every lock until your reach the bottom of your hair. Do not try to curl the same lock in one shot, you will get unnatural looking curls, and may potentially damage your hair. You might want to lock in the results using your favorite hairspray.


If you are looking for an easy to use styling tool, then I suggest you get a curling wand. They are affordable and are safe to use. There are many other techniques that we did not discuss in this article, which can be done using a curling wand. You can perfect your technique with this tool with very little practice. Along with a bit of a creativity, you’ll realize all the amazing hairstyles you can accomplish using it. I recommend you complement your curling wand with a good hair spray, paste or moose. Until then, happy styling!