(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Product Overview: Remington C195AC/2

Brand: Remington
Remington C195AC/2 Curling Wand Model: CI95AC/2
Shape: Tapered
Composition: Pearl and Ceramic
Upper-end: 1/2 Inch
Lower-end: 1 Inch
Temperature: 410 degrees
Quick Heat: Yes
Protective glove: Yes
Security Features: Yes

Remington C195AC/2 Curling Wand Review

The Remington C195AC/2 is for very good reasons, is one of the top selling curling wand on the market. This model is a versatile piece of equipment which lets you effectively set curls quickly and smoothly. The tapered (thicker-end, narrow tip) gives its users the ability to create curls of varying sizes. This is great for those who want to use their wands for different hairstyles. This model by Remington comes with many features which are usually neglected in this price range. For a very affordable price, buyers can expect a high quality product without having to break their budget. The handle is easy to hold, is easy to manipulate around as your curl your hair. The hair wand feels good in the hand, as it’s weight of is neither too heavy or too light. It is a sturdy piece of equipment, which can withstand extensive usage.

Key Features:

Remington C195AC/2 Curling Wand Box SetTemperature:
This curling wand can be set between 270 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit using the digital display that is placed upon the handle of the wand. Once it has reached it’s set temperature, the CI95AC/2 will effectively lock and keep constant it’s temperature. For those with thicker hair, we recommend you set the hair wand at the higher end of the wand’s temperature capability. This will help you set your hair into curls for longer periods of times, which is typically harder for those with thicker hair.  For those with more fragile, heavily treated or thinner hair, we recommend that you stay within the lower to mid-range temperature capability of the wand. This will help you maintain the quality and health of your hair.
Quick Heat:
The Remington CI95AC/2 has the ability to reach its set temperature within less than 30 seconds. This is great for people on the go, who may be short on time and must get prepared on a moment’s notice.
Remington C195AC/2 Curling Wand Protective GloveProtective Glove:
This curling wand comes with a protective which is very useful as you may use it to protect your hair as you set them into curls. This entails greater value to your purchase as the inclusion of the protective glove along with the curling wand saves you both time and money.
Security Features:

  • After 60 minutes of being turned on, the wand will automatically shut-off. This is of great value for those who are likely to forget to turn it off after use.
  • The curling wand comes with a usage manual, explaining in much detail how to safely use the curling wand. This is important for both your safety and the health of your hair.
  • Protective glove included.

The C195AC/2 is a sturdy piece of equipment which makes it highly durable and reliable at all times. This is a piece of equipment which you can expect will last for many years to come. This model comes with a worry-free 4 year guarantee.