(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Product Overview

Product Name: Curl Magic
Brand: Revlon
Model: RVIR1084C
Shape: Straight
Composition: Titanium
Length: 1″ to 1¼”
Temperature: 450 degrees
Quick Heat: Yes
Protective glove: Yes

Revlon Curl Magic (RVIR1084C) is a great curling wand. The straight shape of the barrel allows for great consistency in the size of your curls. The titanium composition of the barrel allows for effective and easy styling. The heat-monitoring capabilities of this wand helps you get the most effective and safest use of heat onto your hair. This enables user’s the ability to style their hair without having to worry about hair damage. A cool-touch section of the barrel, located at the tip, enables users a greater sense of ease when styling and security as this may prevent burns from occurring. As this is not the case with most curling wands, this is a great benefit for many, who are yet uneasy with the thought of using a heated-tool. The Revlon Curl Magic comes with a protective glove.

Key Features:

Styling: The Revlon Curl Magic curling wand is a facile piece of equipment that lets you effortlessly set smooth, long-lasting curls in the shortest amount of time possible. The 1″ barrel is excellent for those who have longer, thicker hair and struggle to make the perfect tight curls. It will give you the natural look you desire in the easiest and fastest way. With the Revlon Curl Magic curling wand you can have the perfect curls all day long,without worrying that your hair will straighten at the wrong place or time. Just a flick of this “magic” wand in the morning and you will still be getting compliments on your look at the end of the day. This curling wand allows you to create loose or tight curls without any unwanted frizz.

Ease of use:
Its easy grip handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is light enough, weighing just about a pound, for ease of use. It is small enough to carry into a purse.

This curling wand has a 1 inch thick straight titanium barrel, with no clips, for those smooth crimp-less curls. This is great for those who want consistency in the size of their curls.

Composition: The Revlon Curl Magic curling wand provides a professional grade titanium made wand that ensures high constant heat in very little waiting time.This titanium technology will help you define the perfect long lasting waves and curls even at high pressure scenarios such as hasty mornings or when you have to leave and get ready at a moment’s notice. The titanium also makes the curling wand sturdy and highly durable ensuring that this will be your curl settling tool for years to come. In addition the Revlon Curl Magic curling wand is very light. Weighting only 1 pound and with dimensions of 15.8 x 6.2 x 2.5 inches,while also featuring dual voltage for convenient worldwide use,the Revlon Curl Magic curling wand can and will be your perfect traveling companion across the globe.

Temperature: The Revlon Curl Magic curling wand produces a professional, salon quality, high temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature is ideal for those with thicker hair as it helps them set their hair into curls for the longest periods of time, something that is typically harder for that kind of hair, whilst giving them a natural look without kinks or endangering the hair or the skin’s health. The time needed for the curling wand to reach it’s top temperature is very short and once it does,it is constantly monitored by heat censors to ensure the temperature remains locked to that perfect styling level.

Protective glove: The Revlon Curl Magic curling wand comes with a heat resistant protective styling glove included.This heat resistant protective glove will help you avoid minor injuries and burns that can be caused from absent mindedness throughout it’s use.It can also be used to protect the rest of your hair while you define your curls.This saves you precious time and consideration while you are managing the perfect look.

Security Features: As with any heated tools, security features must be taken into consideration as to avoid injuries and burns. An LED indicator shows you went the wand is on or off. In addition the Revlon Curl Magic curling wand comes with an extra long cool tip along with the heat resistant protective styling glove to enhance your protection as you style your hair.


  • The dual voltage capability makes it usable in countries, other than the US.
  • Just like any other appliance, it will last for as long as you use it properly. Follow the instructions laid out in the booklet that comes with the product.