(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Product Overview

Product Name: Bombshell
Brand: Sultra
Model: SU241
Shape: Straight
Composition: Ceramic
Width: 1″
Quick Heat: Yes
Protective glove: Yes

Key features

Once you start using the Sultra The Bombshell, you will definitely attest to the fact that it is quite easy to use. You just need to wrap, release and repeat the process over some time then the curls will come out clearly. You therefore do not need special training for you to make use of this curling wand. Once you get a proper grip of it, using this tool won’t make you feel fatigued. The On and Off button is strategically placed on the wand so that you can turn manipulate it whenever you want to. It is an easy product to use in this regard. Find more of the best curling wand reviews by visiting this page: https://www.prettycurls.com/best-curling-wand/
The shape of this wand is straight. This allows you to create curls with more consistency and precision. This is usually better for people who want a sophisticated, yet effortless look.
Sultra trademarked ThermaTru Ceramic Technology helps you protect and maintain the health of your hair while using your curling wand.  This is a 1-inch curling wand which lets you create curls and waves.
The Sultra The Bombshell comes with modern temperature control technology that enables you to create curls on your hair with a constant 3800F heat. The constant heat then ensures that you don’t hurt your scalp and the final look is locked down in the most effective manner. In the end, you will be impressed by the results you get from the use of the curling wand.
Quick heat:
The Sultra The Bombshell offers you the benefit of rapid heat-up so that you can create your curls faster. The high temperature level also helps to ensure that the curls stay intact for a longer period of time. Therefore, unlike traditional tools which take ages to heat up and even for the curling effect to take place, this one offer you almost instant results once you start using it.
Protective glove:
This curling wand also comes with a heated glove for purposes of protecting your hands from excess heat. It is quite essential especially if you plan to use the wand frequently. Always remember to wear your glove since the Sultra The Bombshell heats up fast.
Security features:
This product comes with Exclusive ThermaTru Ceramic Technology that mends and then defends hair as you style it at constant temperatures. Again, it features the auto shut-off function just in case you forget to switch off the curling wand once you are done with the job.
Just as the case is for the curls, this wand is also meant to last a lifetime. If you can use it in the right manner, it will serve you for the longest time possible. Again, it comes with a durable handle that does not break easily. It stays intact even with repetitive use and still offers the right service at the end of the day.
In order to offer you the assurance that the Sultra The Bombshell is meant to offer you the best service, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. With such duration, you are sure that the manufacturer is dedicated to offer you a product that delivers on the promise. Perhaps you might have to try it out in order to better understand this aspect!