(Last Updated On: December 18, 2013)

Wavy Hair with the Cortex Curling WandYou want the best curling wand for your weave that will give you beautiful curls without compromising quality and budget. Perhaps you have a straight weave and would like to curl up a few locks, or maybe your looking to spice up your hair for your nights out. No matter what may be your reason, we can help you choose a curling wand that will best fit your hair and style.

  1. First, establish whether or not you can use a curling wand on your weave without damaging it. If your weave is made of natural human hair, then you’re in the safe. If your hair is made of synthetic fibers, you risk disintegrating or melting your hair. In general, the lower end weaves will not be able to withstand the heat of your curling wand. On the other hand, higher end synthetic weaves made of monofiber or thermofiber will resists the heat. Consult with your hairstylist before using the curling wand on your weave.
  2. Use a heat protection shampoo (recommended), to let your hair/weave keep it’s natural, healthy look. Your hair may become damaged after unprotected frequent use of the curling wand. To counter this affect, simply use a heat protection shampoo, which will effectively protect your hair from the heat and give your hair proper nourishment to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

Top 5 Best Curling Wands for Weave

These curlings wands are safe to use on your weave and come at a low-set price. These high-quality items are made by some of the greatest personal care companies  in the world. If you wish to purchase one of this products, click on the product link and follow further instructions.

 Item (click image for full information)Description
The Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand is high-performance and reliable and made by Remington, a worldwide well-known, highly-praised company. The ceramic-coated shaft heats quickly (30 seconds max), which is great when your on the go. This is a high-quality product, which is safe to use on your weave. Backed by a four year guarantee.
The Bed Head Orange Crush is a heavy-duty, reliable product. Made by Bed Head, this high-end product will gives you salon quality style without breaking your budget. The shaft of the wand is coated by tourmaline, which will give your hair a smooth, effortless look without damaging your weave.

The Conair You Curl and Big Waves Curling Wand is easy and safe to use. This product comes with a small and big wand shaft, which allows you curl your hair in either small, tighter curls or bigger, looser curls. This product will give you great control over the style of your hair and comes at an affordable price.
The Curly-Q Nanoceramic Curling Wand is a higher-end nano ceramic coated wand produced by Hot Tools, a reputable company established in California. hich will give you smooth, easy to style hair without the undesirable frizz.
The Rock 'n' Roller Ceramic Wand is an easy to use bubble wand. This wand is great if you want to create looser curls, which will give your hair a tussled look. The product also comes with a safety-stand, which lets you safely lay down the curling wand.

If you have any further question, write a comment in the box below. I hope I’ve helped you find the best curling wand for your weave. Until then, take care.