(Last Updated On: December 26, 2013)

You’re searching for a top rated curling wand, that’s effective and within your budget line. Perhaps you need to create a hairstyle that will once and for all impress your co-workers, or perhaps you are looking to spice up your look for a night out. Whatever may the reason be, a top rated curling wand is what you need to produce the curls that are sumptuously smooth and that will last for hours upon hours and that without much effort.

The 5 Top Rated Curling Wands

This a list of the bestselling, most popular, top rated curling wands on the market. These products were gathered from among the best companies in the hair care industry. For more information on the important aspects that make a great curling wand, read below the table.

1The Remington Pearl is the best selling curling wand worldwide. The great quality and the affordable price of this product combined gives you the opportunity to make a best value purchase.
2The Orange Crush is a great product made by Bed Head; a leading hair care company worldwide. This product is reliable and durable. This is a sturdy product that is unlikely to break. It heats and cools quickly and evenly along the barrel.
3The You Curl and Big Waves is a cone-shaped curling wand. It is one of Conair's bestselling, most beloved hair cair product. This product is fun and easy to use, it provides a smooth and effortless curls without much effort.
4The 4 in 1 by Cortex is an amazing product. This is a high-product most used in salon. The infrared technology coated on the barrel of the wand makes hair smoother and healthier. It heats quickly and very safe to use.
5The Rock 'n' Roller is a ceramic coated wand made by another world renowned company, Bed Head. This product is easy to use and is best when you're on the go. This product give you the possibility to use a higher than standard heat temperature, which can be useful if you have thick, long hair that don't stay put for periods of time.

Important Aspects

    • Different barrel sizes and shapes for greater style flexibility.
      • Some curling wands are made in the shape of a cone. This allows you to create curls of varying size, quickly and efficiently. For instance, if you want small curls; you would roll your hair around the upper (smaller) end of the wand. If you’d want bigger curls; you’d use the lower, thicker end of the wand.
      • Others provide interchangeable barrels of varying sizes, which will allow you to have any style you want, at any given moment. These are very popular and widely used in hair salons because they provide ample style flexibility.
    • Come at an affordable price.
      • They are made by some of the best hair care companies in the world like Cortex, who provide valuable products, while doing so at an affordable price. The list
    • Easy to use, quick to heat up.
      • The best curling wands are light and are heat up in less than a minute.
    • Safe to use, hair damage protection, low fire hazard.
      • Good quality wands are equipped with a heat indicator light along with a stand.  Most companies also provide heat-resistant gloves with their wands, which help you roll your hair around the barrel without getting burned. Note: to further protect your hair, use a heat protection spray before applying them onto your wand.

If you have question regarding the specifications or purchase of a top rated curling wand, please do not hesitate to write a comment.