(Last Updated On: July 12, 2014)

There countless vendors online as well as offline, who sell curling wands. Now there is a distinction to be made between each vendor. This article will show you where to get a curling wand, by teaching you what to look for in a vendor.
Here is what to look for in a vendor when choosing where you’ll be getting your curling wand.

  • Pricing
  • Location
  • Variety of choice
  • Guarantees
  • Product returns.


Where can I buy a cheap curling wand? Many of you ask yourself this question and for obvious and well-motivated reasons. You shouldn’t have to break your budget for a curling wand. Many curling wands are sold at a rather cheap price, mostly depending on where you get it.
The inexpensive curling wands are in the 20$ to 35$ range. To many people, this raises a red flag as they assume that a lower price gives you a cheap product. But in the case of hair wands, this assumption is unfitting. The curling wands being sold at that price are for those who will use them at home rather than in a hair salon. Their quality, ease of use, safety is fitting for the at-home user. To conclude this point, you shouldn’t feel like you have to pay any more than 35$ for an at home curling wand. If you’re trying to find cheap curling wands, let us recommend a few online vendors.


For logistical reasons, you should consider the location of your vendor. If you’re buying offline, like in a drugstore or retail store then the location of store should be taken into consideration. We do not recommend you buy from drugstore, but if you are, atleast hear us out. If you end up unsatisfied with the product that you bought in a store, you’ll most likely want a refund and return the product. If the store you bought it at is very far, then you’re most likely never going to get that refund. So when you’ll be deciding on where to get a curling wand, make sure it’s near your house.
You might want to make a Google search and find out where the closest retail store is.

Variety of choice:

If you’re stuck choosing from a very small set of choice, then you might not be able to make the right choice. There are many different things that someone has to take into account when picking a curling wand. If there is not enough choice and variety in terms of price range, type, brand and size, then you might very well make a bad purchase that you’ll later on regret.

Curling Wand Vendor GuaranteeGuarantees:

These usually range between 2 to 10 years. If your vendor is not providing you with a guarantee than you might as well forget about him. Curling wands are known to last for a long time, but why would you put yourself in a position of risk when you could very well avoid it. There are countless vendors like Amazon, who give out guarantees without a increasing the price of their products. 

Product Returns:

This aspect is very well like the above one about guarantees. Do not shoot yourself in the foot by choosing a vendor that does not provide product returns. There are enough vendors that do, choose amongst those ones.

Where to find good curling wand vendors?

Personally, we think Amazon has the cheapest of the bunch. Their price constantly beats the competition. They also have extremely cheap shipping compared to other vendors. We’ve notice that this is the case for many other products and we believe that this is the reason why Amazon is so popular. Also, another great benefit of Amazon is that it provides reviews and ratings of all their products. This can help you find the curling wand that fits your hairstyling needs best.
Now, let us examine why we think Amazon is the best vendor.

  • Pricing:  They have the best prices online. They are in most cases, unbeatable. It happens a lot where the prices of their products are 5-8 $ less than their competition.
  • Location: In most cases, they provide shipping all around the world at a very low price.
  • Variety of choice: It’s absolutely insane how much choice they have! There literally is, curling wands of ALL brands, type, material, shape, length, thickness and price. You’ll never miss out on choice with them, unlike drugstores and retail stores like Wal-Mart.
  • Guarantees: most curling wands being sold on their website comes with a guarantee, usually ranging from 2-4 years.
  • Refunds and returns: most brands/vendors will give you a full refund and allow you to return the product if you are not satisfied.

Vendors to avoid:

 This a list of places which are known to unreasonably inflate the in-store prices of curling wands above the price recommend by suppliers!

  • Drugstores—greatly inflates their prices.
  • Wal-Mart—generic, very low in quality products from horrible brands
  • Target
  • eBay

In conclusion, you can easily make the right purchase by choosing the right vendor. Try to think short term and long term and encompassing all aspects we listed on this article. Take into account things like pricing, location and variety of choice. Also, make sure you vendor provides guarantees and returns/refunds. If need help finding where to get a curling wand, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.