(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Fast and Convenient Hairstyling Solutions for Busy People: Babyliss Pro Titanium Hot Rollers Are the Best in Their Class

Frustrated from the massive time and energy it takes to get my hair looking like I didn’t wake up 5 minutes ago, I began a mad, coffee-fueled search for other, less time-consuming options. Since my hair suffers from loads of styling damage, I’d been leery to try yet another barrel-style curling iron that leaves my hair singed and my arms weak and weary from even more use (I have two young children, so carpal tunnel syndrome is a real thing, folks).

Well, you can now kiss your curling iron goodbye and enjoy a hands-free system that protects your hair from frizz and styling damage as it creates gorgeous styles. The Babyliss Pro Titanium set is a groundbreaking product that offers gentle, effortless styling for all hairstyles and hair types. You’ll love the far-infrared heating system that protects each strand as the rollers curl and define. I love the simple, straightforwardness of this product: just heat, roll, and go. My hair feels softer after curling, too, which is a far cry from the crispy texture I experience with curling or straightening irons. This exceptional product sits on our best hot rollers list, as it bears many features that the typical rollers do not.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • The Babyliss Titanium Hot Roller Set contains 20 plush curlers in 3 different sizes: 6 small (3/4″), 6 medium (1″), and 8 large (1-1/4″). Lots of curlers make it super convenient to customize your style with as large or as small of curls as you’d like.
  • Easily hold curlers in place with 20 color-coordinated clips and 20 butterfly clips.
  • The system heats curlers lightning fast, thanks to a supercharged heating element that gets you styling in minutes.
  • These ceramic curlers are crafted from nano-titanium, so hair curls quickly and beautifully.
  • You’ll never forget to turn off your set, thanks to the indicator light and on/off switch, prominently located at the front.
  • Special Highlights:

A Gentler Solution for Hair Styling

If you’re going to style your hair using heat, the potential for damage is always a threat to your hair’s health. This set gently styles hair with padded, baby-soft rollers that protect hair, instead of damaging it with the direct plate contact of a curling/straightening iron. For added protection and curl definition/shine, you can always spritz on your favorite thermal active spray before curling.

Hands-Free, Convenient Styling

This set will have your hair looking phenomenal in shorter time. Once your hair is up and out of the way, you can cook dinner, pay bills, or take that much-needed coffee break. Stop spending your free time in front of the bathroom mirror, tussling with a clunky curling iron. Put your hair up and let the rollers work their own magic. One you take your hair down, it’s a breeze to set and go.

More Control Over Hairstyles

Perhaps one of this product’s best benefits is the massive control you’ll enjoy over your hairstyle. Once your hair is down, you’re in control of what happens next. For tighter curls, gently pull rollers out to keep curls intact, and lightly scrunch them with your fingers as you set your style with spray. For looser curls, you’ll use less product and stretch curls a bit before setting with hairspray.

Better Hair Texture Overall

Hot rollers are noted for restoring body and bounce to lifeless hair. The myriad of sizes and extended lifting action close to the scalp contribute to this improved texture. Just want volume? Don’t use holding product beforehand, brush out curls one you remove your rollers, and finish your look with a light spritz, accompanied by a soft scrunch next to the scalp.


If you crave a more convenient and gentler method of styling your hair, then the Babyliss Pro Titanium Hot Rollers set is the perfect solution for you and your busy lifestyle. Styles are a snap to customize, and you can basically style hair on the fly in just a few minutes, thanks to a fast heating element and nano-titanium curlers that hold in heat longer. Give this set a try and enjoy an easier way to look your best.