(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Product Overview

Product Name: Rock N Roller
Brand: Bed Head
Model: BH320
Shape: Straight / Curvy
Composition:  Ceramic and Tourmaline
Tangle-Free cord: Yes
Quick Heat: Yes
Protective glove: Yes
Safety stand: Yes

Key Features

The bubbly design of new Bed Head Rock N Roller brings the style lovers a big scale of style options. Lose yourself in the style: with any hair style starting from bouncy, tight, spirals to flower-like and loose waves. You can even try mixing two styles for an unique look. Whether you’re going for ringlets or big curls, you will very rarely snag your hair (this is one the benefits of using a curling wand, rather than the traditional iron). The design is appealing to people and certainly fits to the latest trends of hair styling. To see more curling wand like this one, see this page.

rock n roller stylingShape:
The Rock N Roller has a very funky shape, so funky that we do not even know how to call it. As you can see on the picture, the wand is straight, but with little “balls” all along it. This helps get a very unique hair style that will look natural, effortless and a bit on the wild side.
This funky designed wand heats up in a quick period of just 30 seconds (so no need to wait anymore!). Unlike some older models, it works quite well as the heat is evenly distributed in the entire iron in a mere 30 second interval. It has several heat settings system, for adjusting heat level according to your need. The curling wand is equipped with a light, which tells you whether it’s on or not. This is important as it may prevent injury.
The full composition of this wand’s heat technology is of tourmaline and ceramic. This stuff is lightweight and as such you do not have a tired hand after having a curl or straightening session.
Protective Glove:
The protective glove that comes with this product is used for safety measures. It remains cool during the entire time when you are engaged in the curling of your hair, thus preventing any type of burns or other injuries.
Security Features:
The security measures maintain industry standards. As mentioned above, firstly it has protective gloves and a safety stand.
Tangle Free Wire:
This wand is made with a tangle free wire, which saves you some hassle. This is unlike many other wands and saves you time and effort during styling.
The product at this range is exceptional as it comes with a super warranty period of 1 year.