(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Some of you may associate hot rollers as a thing of the past. But in recent years, the use of hot rollers has made a come back in the fashion scene. Like most things in fashion, style come and go but the recent trends in hairstyles show reinvokes the need for hot rollers.
We have dug into the research and then tested the products in salon. We gathered a list of the best hot rollers on the market. We categorized each product based on target hair type, budget and desired hairstyle. We also set a few guidelines for you too follow, which well you get the best out of your hot rollers.

Hair Types:

We would recommend choosing hot rollers within the category that fits your hair type. For example, thick hair and thin hair do not responds the same to the same type material.

Thick HairBabyliss Titanium Hot Roller

Thick hair requires more hear and a smoother and more slippery surface on which the hair is set. Titanium-made hot rollers for example, are one of the best options for those with thick hair. This is mainly for due to their ability to retain higher temperatures of heat and the smoothness of their surface.
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Thin Hair

Thin hair on the hand, requires less heat and more grip on the hair.
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Hair Length

Hair length is an important component when choosing the right set of hot curlers.

Conair Hot RollersShort Hair

For those with short hair, choosing the appropriate size of the rollers will be of great importance. Many hot roller sets come with rollers that vary in size. Choose a set that carries some small and medium sized rollers. However, stay away from jumbo-sized hot rollers.
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Long Hair

Jumbo-sized hot rollers may be what you need.
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Guidelines to Follow

Using a curling tool of any type, will require you to have the necessary complementary products. Hot rollers is of no exception.

Hair Protection Spray

First and foremost, the use of a hair protection spray will maintain your hair’s natural health and shine. Your hair is important, and damage hair can never be fully repaired. By taking the appropriate precautions, you can avoid such damage.

hairsprayHair Spray

Good old hair spray is of the game when using hot rollers. We recommend that you spray your hair before and after you use your hot rollers. First, the goal of applying the hairspray before using the hot rollers is to ensure that the rollers will set the hair curl into a curl once removed. The second application of hairspray (the finishing touch), will then ensure your hair stays in place for longer periods of time. However, make sure to shape your hair in your desired style and tussle before applying the finishing touch of hairspray.
This will help you make the most out of your hot rollers.
The aforementioned products were tested in store and we believe that a