(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

Beauty Parlor Looks in Only Minutes: Calista Tools Long Hot Rollers Provide Women with Look at Me Hair Without the Hassle

Ladies, you know you’ve been in this dark place; the one when it’s seven in the morning and you have hit snooze on your alarm one too many times. You rush to the bathroom to shower and then to the mirror to make sense of the mess that is your life. A quick blow dry and your hair is anything but ready for the outside world, but time just seems to be ticking away and the day is going to be less than forgiving. If only you had a product that was simple to use so that you can start your coffee pot and scarf down some food. If only, right?

Calista Tools Long Hot Rollers are for the lover of sleep; the saver of time. By simply rolling your hair with this product, you buy yourself some much needed time and energy as you start your day. Beneficial in so many ways, including appearance and hair health, these hot rollers are for the modern woman punctuated with vintage glamour. Goodbye curling iron and hello relaxing mornings reading the paper and sipping something yummy.

The Features and Specifications

  • The Calista Tools Long Hot Rollers set contains 12 rollers of the same size, which makes it easy to customize your look with many curls or just a few dainty waves.
  • An electric charging base that heats the rollers in under 3 minutes and keeps them hot as long as it’s plugged in.
  • 12 Hair clips that hold your rollers in place as you do your makeup, cook breakfast, get dressed, and hug your loved ones goodbye as they go start their days as well.
  • A sleek travel bag that holds the rollers, clips, and base so that you never have to worry about parting with your morning convenience on vacation. This feature helps save space on your bathroom counter or cabinet, too!
  • Even after unplugging your charging base, the rollers stay hot for up to twenty minutes, just in case you decide to add an extra curl to your look.
  • An instructional booklet ensures that you get the most out of your product while supporting your safety and daily routine.
    Important Highlights and Advantages of This Product

Easy on the Hair and the Mind

Heat damage is as real for your hair as it is for your skin, so using a product that avoids direct contact with your hair is ideal. Rather than using heated plate contact to curl your hair, the Calista rollers disperse their internal heat to their outside grip, greatly decreasing the heat before it reaches your hair and using just enough to hold the curl. Of course, the hands-free styling technique cuts daily stress in half and makes the day ahead so much sweeter.

Contributes to More Styling Options

Users of this product boast of its effectiveness, despite them having all different types of hair. Whether thick, thin, short, or long, the Calista rollers gently style your tresses and completely transform your overall look. A curling iron can only offer bouncy curls; a straightener will only result in flat hair, but these hot rollers can give you ringlets, beach inspired waves, or long and loose curls depending on how you position them.

Results in Better Hair Texture and Volume

Typical hot irons can only be applied to the middle and ends of a section of hair, in fear that using them too close to the scalp will cause burning. Rollers are known for the texture and volume that they apply to hair because they can sit directly on the scalp, getting the most out of a curl or wave.

Reap the Benefits of Heated Style Without the Risks

As previously mentioned, hot irons can result in burned scalps and fingers, which deters people from using them at all. These hot rollers are safe to touch, so the hold of a heated curl is there, but any battle scars after styling are not!


If strenuous mornings have taken their toll on you and you can’t risk being seen without styled tresses, the Calista Tools Long Hot Rollers are definitely for you. By spending less time in the mirror and more time focusing on other tasks, you can elevate your day without sacrificing your beauty, a feat that women have been waiting to conquer for too long.